Well, it’s been a while. AnyGood? like many businesses is emerging from the economic and health tornado that is still leaving a trail of destruction behind it. I’ll be honest, it feels like I’ve done a few rounds with Nicola Adams.

But we’re stronger for it right?

Actually yes.

If there’s one things that start-ups are extraordinarily good at, it’s dealing with a few left hooks. We have an innate ability to pull ourselves up Rocky style, knowing we can rely on our strength, drive and tenacity. To do this,  I’ll share that we’ve focused on just three things, keeping it lean, leveraging industry opportunities and helping to combat the outbreak. We’ve maintained a laser focus on these.

Although we’re not a social enterprise, my personal belief has always been that businesses can and should do good. Because of this, we’ve shared roles for free (and still are), where they directly support the health or economic impact of Covid-19. We became involved with the CBI in the Redeployment of People Challenge. We’ve helped organisations who were making redundancies recommend their employees for roles. We also helped to quickly launch a new web platform, driven by DWP, to help employers share roles with the five prime providers of the Work and Health Programme. We’re not done. Far from it. We’re already working on new ways we can help as the problems evolve, particularly in social mobility and helping 16-24 year olds, so watch this space.

Talking to others who are also emerging, it’s clear that people are thinking differently. I’m guessing that every journey is different. But everyone has had their own laser focus, and now looking back at old strategies, they often seem entirely out of date. The world is different. The economy is different. Running a business is different.

I’ve been interested in speaking with our new clients and asking questions…Does hiring differently seem like such a small step compared to before? Or perhaps it’s the need to be lean, understanding the ROI of every investment? Or especially in the current climate, is the value of having a small volume of high quality candidates critical?

Andy Hibbert, the CEO and Founder of Karshare shares his experience of working with us. For the full video, check it out here… Andy is certainly no stranger to doing the right thing. Using his business to help connect key workers to transport at a critical time had a significant social and personal impact. We were immensely proud that he chose to work with us and continues to do so.

If you’re emerging, it’s a unique opportunity to take a moment. Look over your shoulder back at the way things were done in the old world and decide what should join you on the next leg of the journey. Do you need all that luggage? Perhaps a backpack and stormproof shelter would be better?

Ok that’s enough analogies for one post.

If you’d like to get in touch for a one to one conversation, do get in touch with me directly. We like the human touch…


Juliet Eccleston – AnyGood? CEO and Founder