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Clients include

How it works

Employers share a role on our platform and you receive a notification

You consider who would be great, check with them and put them forward

The client reviews and rates the quality of each recommendation

If they choose to hire your candidate, you feel great and receive £1,500!

Created by professionals, for professionals like you, AnyGood? is a crowdsourced talent platform that pays you for great referrals.

How many times have you been asked by recruiters: “Do you know anyone who…”?

With AnyGood?, you can get paid for who you know, and help your friends find jobs they love.

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£1,500 – Each time a candidate you personally recommend is placed

£500 – Every time a member you invite signs up and gets a job through us

£500 – Every placement made for a client you recommend to us for the first 12 months