Unlocking Employee Referrals

Leverage your network and maximise referrals

Training and Coaching

Imagine a world where referrals are the majority of your hires.

Consider for a moment the quality of your personally recommended candidates. Who are they? What value are they bringing to the business?

Think about the amount of time you’re saving by having just a handful of brilliant applications rather than hundreds of unqualified ones. Perhaps you’re able to get back to every candidate with meaningful feedback? Maybe you can see a difference in how employees are engaging with the organisation in other areas and even how long they stay with you?

We help this to become a reality for employers just like you.

This course will take you through not only the five key steps to transform referrals in your organisation, but also shares with you the unique Referral Capability Modelâ„¢ that is central to the success of the AnyGood? platform. Our goal is for referrals to be 80% of your hires. Let’s begin the journey today to transform your recruitment process and unlock a repeatable source of quality hires from your networks.


A course to help you transform your recruitment process and unlock a repeatable source of quality hires from your networks


The opportunity for you to have one or multiple sessions of private coaching with referral expert and founder of AnyGood?

Our training and coaching sessions utilise key principles from psychology, to design thinking and change management to help you transform your referral process.


The Psychology of Referrals

Understanding the core principles that are in play and how these relate to your organisation will give you unique insights as to why programmes may not have worked in the past and ideas for how to change.

Design Thinking

Using what we know about your organisation and people’s behaviour we will design an awesome programme that’s specifically designed for those who are using it, together with a process for ongoing measurement and refinement.

Managing Change

The approach to implementation is key to how it is received. We will work through a detailed plan for your organisation including stakeholder management, communications, technical implementation and launch.

As seen in

Crucially for us, the method of using recommendations to fill a role meant we were presented with the perfect candidate instantly, significantly reducing the time impact on the team.

Julian Woolley

Group Assurance Risk and Best Practice Director, HomeServe